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GMC Festival

Title GMC Festiva
Date 2016/12/10(土)
Open/Start OPEN 13:00/START 14:00
Venue Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium (NEAR TO NAGOYA CASTLE)  >>Venue

Guest Artist DVBBS


Electronic duo Dvbbs (pronounced dubs) comprises brothers Christopher and Alex van den Hoef from Ontario, Canada. Initially, the duo made reggae and punk before focusing mainly on electronic music. In the early stages, the siblings joined forces with DJ Martin Sinotte, calling themselves Dubbs. In 2010, the group released the Generation Party EP and went on to tour with the likes of Steve Aoki and LMFAO. Sinotte left the group in 2012, prompting the brothers to change their name slightly from Dubbs to Dvbbs. Under the new name, they released the EP Initio, fusing a variety of influences in house, electro, reggae, and dub. Their first major success came in 2013 with the track Tsunami, a collaboration with the DJ and producer Borgeous, released on Sander van Doorn’s label Doorn Records. The single went to the top of the Dutch charts and was also a major success in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, climbing into the Top 20.
2016 DJ Mags Top 100 DJs list at No. 24.

Guest Artist VINAI


Italian brothers Alessandro & Andrea Vinai are EDM Producers making music since 2013.

VINAI is an electronic music group formed by Italian producers Andrea and Alessandro Vinai. As a duo they have produced EDMsongs such as “Louder” or “How We Party”. DJ Mag called them “hardstyle,” though they are known for producing what is calledMelbourne bounce. In 2014 VINAI has also entered 2016 DJ Mags Top 100 DJs list at No. 37.


TICKET SALE FROM 11/21 ~12/9¥12,000-
(incl.tax +Separate ticket for 2 drinks at the entrance: ¥1,000)

GROUP SALE FROM (11/21 ~12/9)¥66,000 – (6 PEOPLE ONLY)
(incl.tax +Separate ticket for 2 drinks at the entrance: ¥1,000)

¥30,000 – (ONLY 1 PERSON)
(incl.tax +Separate ticket for 2 drinks at the entrance: ¥1,000)

mail to : info@x-music.jp




An individual ticket is required for all ages above 16 years old.

You cannot bring any food or drink to the venue without exception.

Please use a nearby pay parking.

We are afraid that we cannot reissue the wristband due to damage or loss regardless of any reasons. Should unauthorized entry be detected, we will ask the offender to leave and will claim damages by handing the offender over to the police.


・Customers are permitted to bring compact digital cameras, cell phones that can take photos, only for the purpose of personal viewing. All professional-caliber cameras and selfie-stick are prohibited. In the case of legal confliction arises relating to audio and/or visual recording using any form of recorders/devices, of any individuals including but not limited to performers, audience, and/or public and private facilities, the responsibility shall strictly fall onto the person who acted. The event organizers will under no circumstances become involved.

・Any items prohibited by the event organizers may not be brought inside the venue, and will be confiscated at entrance.
・Carrying any articles/items that are considered dangerous and/or illegal into the venues is strictly forbidden, and in some cases, the event organizers shall have the right to ask the person with the item to leave the event site without refund.
・Please be responsible for your own belongings.
・Cooling boxes, parasols, mats, cans, bottles and flammables (e.g. fireworks) are prohibited.
・NO food or beverages can be brought into the venues. You can purchase them inside the venues.
・Only water in plastic bottles is allowed to bring inside the stage area, however cannot be thrown onto the stages.
・Other beverages including juices, alcohol must be enjoyed outside stage-area.
・Pets are not allowed

・Persons who cause trouble at the site, or who ignore the instructions by the event organizers, will be forcibly ejected from the festival and will not be issued refunds under any circumstances.

・The event organizers, artists and the venues will under no circumstances be held responsible for accidents or thefts occurring inside and outside of the venues.

・Dangerous acts such as diving and moshing are prohibited. The event organizers will not be held responsible for injuries suffered by way of negligence of personal safety.

・The event organizers will see to first aid and arrange emergency services in case of injuries caused by prohibited dangerous acts such as diving and moshing, but will thereafter not be held responsible. Furthermore, if such accidents involve a third party, it is the responsibility of all parties concerned to find ensuing action toward legal revisions.

・The event organizers will under no circumstances intervene or become involved in troubleshooting in such instances.

・The event organizers, performers or venues will not be held responsible for any accidents, mishaps or injuries occurring inside and outside of the venues.

・ We must ask you to take responsibility for your own actions. Due to the Japanese law, attendees under 18 must return to home/accommodation by 11pm.

・persons found entering the event unlawfully will be taken into police custody for whatever the reasons, and compensation for such actions will be charged.
・Purchaser of the tickets shall NOT re-sell, transfer, auction off the tickets. One-apiece ticket cannot be shared by multiple persons.

・If such acts are discovered, the persons concerned will be forcibly ejected from the event.

・Tickets are only valid on the days/venues printed on them. When tickets are sold out, there will be no tickets sold at the door. Please purchase the tickets in advance.

・All information submitted to purchase tickets will be forwarded to the event organizers.

・In the event of cancellation due to natural disasters, tickets will not be refunded, and all the costs associated with this cancellation such as travel expense to the sites will not be compensated.
・The event will take place for long hours. It is your responsibility to make certain of one’s physical well-being.

・Please bring clothing suited for all weather including comfortable footwear (Platform shoes or heels may cause falls), and pay attention to any symptoms of illness, heat and sun exposure.

・Due to limitations in parking space around the venues, we advise you to take public transportation measures. Please dispose trash according to its recycled category, and do not trash the streets.

・Please smoke only in the designated areas.

・Please respect the communities and neighborhood around the venues, and refrain from actions disregarding the neighbors including but not limited to; causing unnecessary noises, destroying public/private property/ wildlife, and parking illegally (which may hamper the mobility of emergency vehicles), and littering.

・Overnight camping in the vicinity of the venues is strictly prohibited.


1-1 Ninomaru Naka Ward Nagoya City